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Justice and Public Safety

Criminal justice organizations are being asked to serve their communities with ever shrinking budgets. This reality requires jurisdictions to work smarter and to reduce costs through the use of emerging technologies and best practices. Jurisdictions are faced with rapidly emerging technologies and face it difficult to keep current and knowledgeable about which technology is best for their specific situation. Add to this vast array of technology is the fact that there is today a shrinking pool of information technology professionals. These facts leave the criminal justice community with a major challenge.

The promise of integrated justice remains a goal for most organizations. The National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) continues to increase in levels of adoption across the country enabling the seamless sharing of justice data. Many jurisdictions are discovering the practicality and affordability of cloud based solutions to replace long outdated legacy systems.

To meet all of these challenges and to leverage evolving opportunities, you need a partnership of proven professionals who can quickly assess your jurisdiction’s workflow and data integration needs and provide you with a tailored solution. Saroni Consulting’s suite of services for the criminal justice community will satisfy all levels of your integrated justice needs – big or small.

Justice and Public Safety Services Suite:

  • Cloud Solutions: Saroni Consulting has cloud applications specific to Justice and Public Safety. Let us show you our popular time and money saving electronic signature based warrant system -- Vsigner.
  • Data Management services : Using our NIEM based relational data model and data integration tools, Saroni Consulting can quickly develop NIEM and LEXS based data exchanges. We can tackle your largest data conversion and migration challenges.
  • Organizational Services: Saroni Consulting can assess the overall efficiency of your current workflows. Using our automated workflow engine, we can quickly create a seamless and integrated workflow across your criminal justice community.
  • Contingency Management: Saroni Consulting can create a comprehensive contingency plan for your jurisdiction to ensure continuity of operations.
  • Virtualization Services: Saroni Consulting can explain the efficiencies and cost savings your jurisdiction will realize through server virtualization.
  • Intelligence Services:Saroni Consulting can review your current intelligence community and practices and make recommendations for efficiencies and the use of applicable automated tools.
  • Compliance Services:We can assess the current state of your HIPAA compliance within your jail’s medical operations. We can assess the current maturity and effectiveness of the security of your IT infrastructure.
  • Managed Services:Saroni Consulting can manage all or part of your technical infrastructure and/or compliance operations. Let us assess your current situation and recommend methods, practices and revisions that will keep your operations running smoothly and save money.

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