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IT Strategic Planning services companies keep pace with emerging technologies, rising customer expectations, ever-changing regulations and disruptive business models.

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Saroni Consulting understands all successful organizations must articulate clearly their vision, goals, and objectives as a function of their organizational mission. IT Strategic Planning ensures the technology infrastructure and services support the mission of the business unit or organization. We know your organization faces many threats that test your overall resiliency. Strategic planning is an important method allowing you to look into the future to identify risks and opportunities and develop your organization’s strategic direction. Saroni Consulting’s proven methodology for IT Strategic Planning can provide the development of a solid plan for system enhancements and infrastructure improvements, optimization and modernization.

Saroni Consulting uses a customized, collaborative approach to IT Strategic Planning. Our strategic planning methodology involves organizational stakeholders (organization-wide) and technology professionals meeting in sessions designed to better understand the future direction of the organization and how technology can enable your organization to be successful. We know each element of the strategic plan is unique and we tailor the plan specifically to your organization’s goals and objectives.

Saroni Consulting recommends using three distinct phases as part of each planning cycle (as it aligns with Organization-wide Strategic Planning):

Saroni Consulting recommends using three distinct phases as part of each planning cycle (as it aligns with Organization-wide Strategic Planning):

Pre-planning and discovery

➙ The pre-planning and discovery phase identifies business priorities, key initiatives and goals, maps the critical business processes and supporting technology systems, collects the IT departmental performance metrics, assesses the organization’s current IT infrastructure, and reviews any existing IT strategic plans.

Planning workshops

➙ The planning workshops analyze the results of the pre-planning and discovery phase and a facilitator typically guides the participants through the planning process and assures all discussions and decisions are documented. The planning workshops include discussions with capital and expense spending decision makers while setting priorities for this planning cycle.

Plan development and presentation

➙ The plan development and presentation produces a final IT Strategic Plan for the organization and develops a formal presentation and review for all the stakeholders. After the organization approves the final IT Strategic Plan, the Saroni Consulting team will proceed with implementation of the plan utilizing a proven project management methodology following the priorities established in the plan.

Saroni Consulting’s project management methodology has evolved over many years of project management experience. It is based upon the industry standard PMI model and satisfies best practices of management consulting and full lifecycle software development projects. Saroni Consulting’s methodology prescribes processes, standards and techniques to achieve high quality, dependable results while simultaneously minimizing risk. It combines best practices from the fields of project management and quality assurance with practical insights gained from numerous successfully completed consulting and IT projects. Our project management delivery process helps guide every project’s schedule, cost, quality, efficiency and also integrates continuous process improvement. Through this proven delivery process, Saroni Consulting offers more than technical competence; we offer efficient business solutions while simultaneously reducing risk and increasing client satisfaction.

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