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Saroni Consulting defines Organizational Alignment as the process whereby the Information Technology organization is evaluated and aligned to proactively meet the goals and objectives of the various lines of business within an organization. Although organizational alignment can be applied in a more enterprise wide manner (e.g., ensuring marketing and sales are aligned), the focus of this practice area is ensuring that the Information Technology organization is aligned to achieve the objectives of the business units (or lines of business).

Saroni Consulting provides a thorough offering through a framework of activities designed to ensure that an IT organization is aligned with the requirements and objectives of the business units/ departments of the client organization. The framework addresses technology infrastructure (network, systems, and data), organizational capabilities, governance, processes, and services. The goal of framework is to translate the business requirements and objectives of your organization into a set of actionable steps that the IT organization (and in some cases the larger organization) should undertake, resulting in alignment of the IT organization with the needs of the business units. In addition, the framework is designed to develop linkages between what the business needs and the value that an IT organization provides through its services and activities.

Saroni Consulting works with your organization to assure the alignment of the Information Technology organization is accomplished through a four phase process:

  • Phase I – Strategic Planning: Identification of business goals and objectives
  • Phase II – Organizational Assessment and Definition: Assessment of the existing Information Technology organization in light of the defined business goals and objectives
  • Phase III – Organizational Planning: Development of new structures (roles and responsibilities), technologies, processes, and governance
  • Phase IV – Organizational Alignment: Organizational change to implement the defined structures

It is a dynamic, innovative method that propagates the development of a comprehensive, efficient, scalable IT Strategic Plan and coordinated Organizational Change Plan. By its very design, it clearly outlines, organizes, prioritizes and lays out all steps involved to fully achieve your IT planning objectives.

An important distinction of this strategy is that your organization can enter the framework at various points depending on what activities have already been undertaken or what decisions the client organization has already made.

Let Saroni Consulting’s team of professionals with our Organizational Alignment Framework guide you through the elusive discipline of developing crisp and well defined business goals and objectives. We can develop specific metrics to measure the value received for information technology investments undertaken.

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