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Security and Compliance Management rising customer expectations, ever-changing regulations and disruptive business models.

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Governance Risk and Compliance Program Management

Saroni Consulting understands your organizational needs to take a programmatic approach for the three closely related areas of governance, risk management, and compliance or GRC. A well-constructed umbrella program addressing the concerns, governance, risk and compliance activities are increasingly being integrated and aligned to some extent to avoid conflicts, wasteful overlaps and gaps. Saroni Consulting professionals are well qualified in the areas of corporate governance, enterprise risk management (ERM) and corporate compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Many of our consultants hold current certifications such as CRISC, CISM and CISSP.

Compliance Program Management

Your organization is barraged continually by an alphabet soup of laws, rules, statutes, guidelines, and accreditation requirements. The consequences of non-compliance can be devastating in the form of fines, lost funding, damaged reputations and even jail time!

The regulations faced come from HIPAA/HITECH, FFIEC/GLBA, PCI DSS, NIST, NERC Cyber Security, Meaningful Use, CFR, Cloud Computing Security, SOX, Mobile Device Security, FIPS and other agencies and organizations.

Saroni Consulting’s experienced security and compliance consultants will help identify and mitigate risks and get your compliance challenges under control. Your Saroni Consultingpliance team provides third-party objective testing and audits of your organization's internal controls and compliance objectives. Our comprehensive compliance assessments become the cornerstone of your overall security program and plan. We identify your risks, required remediation tasks, and the ongoing activities required to control your environment, protect privacy, and achieve required compliance maturity.

Saroni Consulting Compliance Team Compliance Bottom Line:

  • Ensure your policies and controls meet applicable compliance regulations
  • Ensure your sensitive data is secure
  • Ensure your network is secure
  • Ensure you qualify and attest for available funding
  • Ensure you are using best practices

Vendor Risk Assessment

Vendor Risk Management has quickly become a key GRC concern. Saroni Consulting understands that you are becoming more reliant on external vendors to provide goods and services necessary to run your business and maintain competitiveness, but reliance on vendors can be a risky proposition, especially with the current economic challenges. Vendor risk management is becoming a core competency for organizations, and they should ensure that they have a contingency plan in place to support their business should the worst happen and the vendor supporting their mission-critical systems fails them. Saroni Consulting professionals are skilled at facilitating your organization to effectively categorize vendors before assessing vendor risk because not all vendors are the same. Some vendors may be categorized as tactical — those that are small in cost and exposure or operate in a commodity environment. Other vendors should be classed as strategic, because the organization has a high dependence on them, has high spending, and plans to increase business with the vendor over time.

Saroni Consulting can assist your organization regardless of your vendor risk assessment maturity. We offer full service vendor risk management program creation and operation perform third party vendor risk assessments and remediation tracking.

IT Risk Management

IT Risk Management considers a full life cycle view of IT-related business activities including transformation programs, investments, projects and operations and is viewed across logical and workable segmentation of the overall risk environment. Saroni Consulting realizes that this is often a complex balance of priorities and that IT Risk Management is an iterative process and needs to be reviewed and updated on a regular basis due to the constantly changing internal and external environment.

Saroni Consulting professionals can perform Organization IT Risk Assessments and interpret the results of the assessment into a plan of action and milestones to remediate IT risk outside the risk appetite and risk tolerance of the enterprise.

Information Security Risk Management

Information Security Risk Management is a vital concern to organizations in today’s fast paced environment of technological innovation. Saroni Consulting offers a variety of security risk management services including risk assessments, remediation planning, and improvement implementation. Together with other guidelines and frameworks, Saroni Consulting uses the Federal National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards including NIST Special Publication 800-39 and accompanying standards of 800-37, 800-53 and 800-30.

Business Continuity Planning

Saroni Consulting understands that it is vital for you to continuously provide essential goods and services to your employees, customers, suppliers, regulators, and other entities that rely on you. Continuity of organizational operations is essential and organization must plan for business continuity. With the threat of natural and manmade disasters and unplanned events, a solid business continuity program—including information technology disaster recovery planning—is essential. Everything from the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to Superstorm Sandy as examples, you never know when you will be required to perform your business functions in an alternative fashion and/or in an alternative location. Saroni Consulting can assist you with building a robust business continuity program from the ground up, assess and revitalize your existing program or perform testing and exercising of your plans. Saroni Consulting professionals are certified in Business Continuity Planning and will provide best practice methodologies to your resiliency planning.


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