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Technology Integration

The challenge of providing seamless, integrated workflow and data for your organization is a complicated undertaking. Often, individual departments have independently developed their own business applications and server configurations. Legacy systems cling to life and become difficult and expensive to maintain. Silos of data are not compatible, difficult to access, and often contain redundant and inconsistent values. Users sometimes must log into multiple systems separately to perform their jobs.

Saroni Consulting Expertise:
  • Technology Infrastructure Assessment and Recommendations
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Application Portfolio Review and Recommendations
  • Strategic and Tactical Technology Integration Plans
  • Cloud Computing Assessments and Migration Plans
  • Data Design and Integration
  • Middleware Solutions / Enterprise Service Bus
  • Business Continuity Plans

To resolve these problems requires strategic and tactical technology integration plans that address your overall enterprise architecture. Saroni Consultings technology integration professionals will work with you to assess your current enterprise architecture and application environment. Initial observations and recommendations will be documented. Based on initial findings, the Saroni Consulting team will create a comprehensive Technology Integration Plan that will identify your strategic direction and a tactical 12 month schedule of remediation steps.

The Technology Integration Plan will contain information such as but not limited to:

  • Current problems and concerns
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Current technical environment
  • Current Application Environment
  • Current Security
  • Current IT Organization
  • Future Enterprise Architecture
  • Middleware Approach
  • Cloud Computing Migration Plan
  • Data Integration Plan and Models
  • Compliance Plan
  • Capacity Plan
  • Recommended IT Organization
  • Recommended Training
  • 12 Month Tactical Schedule

Saroni Consulting can assist you with the full implementation of your Technology Integration Plan. We take on the overall operations of your technology infrastructure through our Managed Services solutions. Let us show you how you can transform your current technical environment into a fully integrated, scalable solution that minimizes costs and maximizes functionality for your user community.

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